Skylar van der Meeren

She is a 29 year old single woman, who is eager to promote from column writer to feature writer. After studying at Columbia and getting her Master of Science degree with Magazine specialization she got the job as column writer at Rogue Publishing 5 years ago. Since she is so focused on her career Skylar has no desire for dating, a boyfriend or anything of the sort. She grew up with her dad and two older brothers, Darren and Jax, so she is kind of a tomboy. Her Dutch last name comes from her mother, who immigrated to the US from the Netherlands when she was 25 years old. Mom passed away when Skylar was only 6. She had a very aggressive form of cancer that ended her life within three months after being diagnosed. To keep her memory alive dad decided to change their last name to hers and to make sure everyone in the family speaks Dutch. Skylar is a very open, friendly, good natured, silly, insecure, somewhat clumsy woman.

Connor Derby

He is a 35 year old man, who has been in and out of a relationship with the same girl for 8 years. Until he was 16 he lived with his alcoholic mother and her aggressive boyfriend. Both of them neglected Connor and verbally abused him. At 16 he decided to run away from home in search for a better life. Dad had left when he was 4 without staying in touch, but when Connor turned up on his doorstep 12 years later he took him in and they have been inseparable ever since. Dad was a roadie for Aerosmith for years and taught Connor everything he knows. When he was 20 he met Jason Hannigan at a gig and they became best friends after a while. When Jason started Dreads on Fire with Dom it was only natural that Connor tagged along and eventually became the tour manager. Connor is an extremely closed off, slightly arrogant, tough, loyal, good man.

Reagan Smith

Reagan is the 33 year old second guitarist of Dreads on Fire. Having grown up as an only child living with his mom and seeing his dad only once a year he is very close to his mom. When he was little she had to work two jobs to support them and everytime he needed something new he felt guilty for having to ask. At the age of 6 his interest for music started and his music teacher, Mr Brown, took it upon himself to teach him to play the piano. In junior high Reagan wanted to learn to play guitar, so he washed cars and had a paper round to save up money for a second-hand guitar. After a year of saving up he finally got it and he taught himself to play. Reagan is a genuinely nice, thoughtful, passionate, caring guy.